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The Business Idea Sketchpad™.

Sketch your Bizplan in 3 Steps:

1. Ideate

Quickly document your business ideas, strategies, tactics and milestones.

2. Validate

Add the numbers — startup, monthly and variable costs, revenue and sales forecast.

3. Simulate

Experiment & refine your business idea and identify conditions for success.


 Transform your ideas into insightful Bizplans in 3-steps


Quickly go from idea in your head to plan in your hand


Monét illuminates results and essential and success factors

Monét is created for:

Aspiring Visionaries & Entrepreneurs

Visionaries and entrepreneurs are wired to envision innovative solutions. Monét provides a place to deposit ideas, and simple tools to quickly evaluate and refine them.

Integrators & Managers

Monét provides the tools for Integrators and Managers to plan, test and refine their revenue generating and business improvement ideas.

CPAs & Financial Planners

Leverage Monet to efficiently and effectively support your clients’ business planning and operational improvement goals and initiatives.

Business School Instructors & Students

Monét is a great resource for instructors and students seeking a simple way to demonstrate and experience business planning theory in practice.

Strategic Marketing Professionals

Leverage Monét to help clients visualize the impact of marketing in improving and growing their businesses, and identifying and preparing for its growth implications.


Monét can improve investment cycle effectiveness by providing entrepreneurs a simple, effective and fast way to create an actionable business plan sketch.

Key Features

Idea Repository

Bizplan Narrative

Business Modeler

Startup Cost Helper

Monthly / Fixed Cost Helper

Simulation Summary

Simulation Year 1 - Year 3 Detail

Simulation - Monthly Cashflow Detail

Bizplan Export

Business Model Helpers

  • Bizplan Narrative
  • Startup Cost
  • Monthly Fixed Cost

Product Modeler

  • One-time or Subscription Revenue
  • One-time or Recurring Cost
  • Year 1 – Year 3 Sales Forecast

Essential Calculations

  • Revenue, Cost and Profit
  • Break-even Sales Units
  • Investment Payback Period
  • Required Cash Reserves

Simulation & Visualization

  • Interactively Explore the Impact of Sales, Price and Cost Changes
  • Instantly See Simulated Results in Dynamic Charts
    • Profit & Performance Summary
    • Yearly Revenue, Cost & Profit Detail
    • Monthly Cashflow and Cash Reserve Forecast

Exportable Bizplans

  • Business Plan Sketch Including: Business Narrative, Startup Costs, Fixed Monthly Costs, Product Details and Simulation Results
  • Save in iCloud for further editing in Notes, Pages, Word, or other apps
  • Share via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Outlook, Teams and more

Citizen of the Apple Ecosystem

  • iOS, iPadOS and macOS Universal app
  • Private and Secure iCloud Storage
  • Light and Dark Mode Operation
  • 100% Native Swift/SwiftUI/CloudKit – No third-party dependencies or risks
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